some words from our {awesome} couples

liz & paul

I think it’s virtually impossible for me to even begin explaining how incredibly awesome, professional, friendly, hilarious, positive and TALENTED Moho Creative is. From the second I first starting exchanging emails with Mike, I just knew these guys were the best. Their amazing customer service and willingness to satisfy my every creative bone in my body just made me feel 1,000% satisfied with my decision of using them. And as you see from their finished product, their talents put James Cameron to shame. Enough said. Thank you Moho for making Paul’s and my dreams come true with this masterpiece. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
— liz & paul

lindsey & mike

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There is no better way to relive the magic of your special day than through videography - and I have no doubt that Moho Creative is the best video vendor out there. Mike and Meredith of Moho Creative beautifully captured our day through their art, capturing all moments - big and small. Throughout the planning process, they guided us and responded to every question we had within a few hours. On the wedding day, provided some comic relief and calmed the nerves of all. In the end, they delivered the most breathtaking recap video of our day that makes me tear up every time I watch it. I cannot wait to one day show our children our wedding video, and we have Moho to thank for their work!
— lindsey & mike

carolyn & cory

I started off not wanting a videographer, as I had fears of a creepy man standing on a chair in the middle of the dance floor with a bright light emanating from his camera (I’ve seen it happen.)

However, as I was spending many hours browsing through vendors, I found Moho. Click on a few highlight reels, and you will be HOOKED. You do not even need to know the couple to be entranced by their incredible, artful editing. They fit the clips perfectly to the music, with thoughtful, original shots. The result is incredibly professional and beautiful.

I just received my highlight video, and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. OVER A THOUSAND VIEWS! I had a lot of people at my wedding, but not that much! That’s how much fun they are to watch.

Mike & Meredith were not at all imposing. In fact, they’re the kind of people you’d like to invite to your wedding, so you’re so glad they’re there. They are kind, polite, and very easy going. There are no harassing spot lights, they have modern equipment that keeps that to a minimum.

They are very facebook savvy, so for all of us in the very impatient generation, you can have your highlight reel in under two weeks to share with all your digital friends.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. I went over budget (not terribly...but it was over) for my photographer and videographer, which I had a hard time with. However, we’re getting the final results back, and they are truly AMAZING!

All of my friends will book them, (the engaged, the ones with boyfriends, ones without...), and you should too. You won’t regret it.
— carolyn & cory

grace & andre

Wow! I can not even express into words what an amazing job Moho Creative did on our wedding video!! From the second we met our videographers not only did we feel comfortable with them, but we also felt confident in them, and rightfully so. The package we chose, which I highly recommend, had a highlight reel...that is a shorter video set to your favorite song of all the highlights of your big day. Our reel turned out so unbelievably amazing, it completely exceeded our expectations!! The quality of the video is so clear and vibrant you feel as if it is an actual music video or a clip from a hollywood movie!! Everyone we showed it to was so wowed by it that most people had sent the link to their friends...and so on. We put the reel on Facebook for our family and friends to see, not only were their tons of comments on it, but people who did not even attend our wedding were commenting on how awesome the video was and that it was like nothing they had ever seen before!!...Not only are we thrilled with the outcome and quality of the video and our highlight reel, but we are also so happy to have worked with our videographers, they really made us feel comfortable and relaxed, and like they were part of our family!! Thank you again Moho Creative you guys are truly amazing!!
— grace & andre

kristen & jason

My husband and I did not plan on having a videographer for our wedding as we were never impressed with any that we had seen. After seeing a highlight clip from MOHO I knew that we had to meet with them. Within less than a week we went from being anti-videographer to booking them! Mike and Meredith are such a joy to work with from them moment we booked them we knew we found a great team. Their work is so cinematic and tells a story, it is not just clips put together with no rhyme or reason. After seeing our highlight clip and our full length film we were so amazed and can’t even put into words how watching them makes us feel. It brought back all the moments of the day and captured everything so perfectly. We have had such an overwhelming response from our family and friends after watching it. Everyone that was at our wedding and a part of it has been so touched by the film. I told Mike that other than saying “I DO” booking MOHO was the next best thing we did for our wedding. If you are looking for a modern wedding film, I highly suggest you book MOHO and if you are not planning on having a videographer I highly suggest you meet with them!
— kristen & jason

katia & nick

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Much like other brides and grooms, we didn’t think we wanted a videographer. While looking online for ideas, I stumbled across moho and their website. After seeing their highlight videos online, I knew that we had to meet them. From the moment we met, Mike and Meredith were great, and we couldn’t wait to work with them. From that point on, we watched every highlight video they posted and grew more and more excited for our turn. And it was worth the wait! We had great email communication leading up to the wedding and on the day of, they worked seamlessly with our photographer and our other vendors. Because of their professionalism, we hardly even noticed they were there! There were shots in our video that I didn’t even know they captured, but am glad they did. When we saw our highlight film for the first time, it blew us away. We couldn’t have been happier. The editing, the unique shots, everything was perfect. Everyone we showed loved it, even people who didn’t attend the wedding. They perfectly captured the emotion and joy throughout the whole day. We received our full length video (approx. 30 min) shortly after the wedding. This film was even better than the highlight film... and I didn’t know it was possible to top our highlight! Both films are fun and re-watchable. Every time we watch it, we get to relive our wedding day, which is wonderful and priceless. We are so glad that Mike and Meredith were a part of our day. Moho was by far the best decision we made when planning our wedding.
— katia & nick

jess & doug

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If you want to really WANT to watch your wedding highlight and or video over and over again, you need to go with Moho! Every time I watch our pieces I find something ELSE that Mike and Mer edited to perfection. Their skills are insane. And the turnaround time for your products? Forget waiting for months or even weeks. They are busting at the seams to give you your highlight before you’re even back from your honeymoon! And what amazing people to work with in general :)

I married a guy who couldn’t be bothered with the details which was fantastic for my type A self throughout the planning. But every bride wants her husband to like looking back on all of her hard work and the great memories that they created together on that special day. So when my husband consistently asks me if I want to “watch our video again,” I consider that a huge win!
— jess & doug

cristina & nino

(click the photo to watch their award winning film!)

Mike & Meredith, words can’t express how grateful Nino and I are that we chose MOHO as our videographer! Nothing I say can possibly begin to explain how you captured and created a fairytale for us to watch. I would go as far as saying that our video should/could win an award ;) Our highlight video is still being raved about (8 months later)! You guys were everything we hoped for and more and we couldn’t thank you enough! To put the icing on the cake, you were both a pleasure to work with, we felt so comfortable from start to finish and trusted your every move! We wish you all the success in the world! You deserve everyone to see how truly spectacular your work is!

Many brides and grooms are probably on the fence about having a videographer.... Truth be told, this is and was one of the most important vendors we had! It is the only way you can remember and relive the most important day of your life! Don’t miss out on watching your most memorable moments, created into a cinematic masterpiece!

We highly recommend MOHO! Your work took our breath away. Thank you again!
— cristina & nino

aly & sam

Moho Creative did the videography for our wedding this year and we were absolutely blown away by the quality of their work. They really captured the most important moments of the day, and in such clear quality that we can literally relive them over and over again! The highlight reel that they offer is truly one of a kind, and the editing is so creative and fun. I love seeing each of their new highlight reels released on their website-they are so talented that you will want to see highlights from weddings you’ve never been to and of people you’ve never met before ! It perfectly embodies the emotions of the day- everytime we watch ours we laugh and cry! Our family and friends rave about our film, and I love how easily we can share the highlight reel with them. It gives you something that’s the perfect length to enjoy with a group of people, on top of your full length video. When we think back to our favorite moments of the day, they are ALL in our highlight reel, including my dad’s crazy dance moves. It was also a pleasure to have them around on the big day! They’re truly fun and genuine people. They knew exactly what they were doing and you can see that they are passionate about what they’re doing. They just get it! You will not regret making them a part of your wedding day!
— aly
The video quality was incredible and the camera angles and editing were refreshingly unique. You can’t compare them to any of the pre-packaged videos you see of other weddings - they are on a different level entirely. Moho’s video of our wedding was creative and captured the spirit of the wedding and reception. I’m thrilled we’ll have this to look back on.
— sam

jen & sean

(click the photo to watch their film!)

Mike and Mer (aka moho Creative) are the most amazing videographers ever!!! I find myself watching our wedding video every once in while and I feel like I am living my wedding weekend again!!! It is beautiful and exciting. They captured every important and memorable moment from start to finish. Its not just the quality of work from Mike and Mer, it’s the kindness, experience, friendliness, and love they bring to your special day. I mean don’t get me wrong the product they produced is A+ quality and memories but their excitement, and care during our wedding weekend really pushed them far past just another videographer. We got to hang out with them, have real conversations with them, and in the end they were more like our friends then just a vendor! I do not have enough amazing wonderful things to say about the fantastic Mike and Mer and moho creative. My wedding weekend and our wedding video just would not have been so exciting and care free as it was without them. Thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work amazing friendship and countless hours preparing, recording and editing our videos. If I had one piece of advice for any bride... it would be to keep calm relax and hire moho to do your video!!!!!
— jen & sean

heather & jordan

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Today is our 1 year anniversary and my wife and I just arrived at a quiet resort in Virginia to spend 2 days together. We knew that we were going to write Mike and Meredith a nice review, but if we were going to do the review any justice, we knew we had to devote every ounce of appreciation we have for them. They clearly did for us, so why wouldn’t we? We checked into our room, laid down on the bed, and popped on the magical wedding video that Moho Creative put together for us. Once we got our clothes back on and we got ourselves put back together, we knew it was time for us to pay their unbelievable, unmatched, and uncanny artistry it’s restitution. Of course, we aren’t just paying homage to video itself. We are extending our gratitude and love for a ridiculously cool couple that we were blessed to have the opportunity to work with so that we can look back on our wedding day with our friends, family, and future children and forever remember what an amazing day it was. If there was a team that performed even half as incredible as Moho Creative, I would have gladly paid twice as much to have them, but guess what? There isn’t! Moho is clearly in a league of their own. When you hire Moho, you don’t only hire an unmatched level of passion, pride, and integrity, but you are hiring a level of coolness that is immediately present when they arrive. WIth their funny and warm personalities, Mike and Meredith quickly became as much apart of our wedding as our friends. Their vision encapsulates who you are as a couple and the energy of the day which delivers a unique wedding video that holds true to the personalities of the brides and grooms they work with. If you want to guarantee yourself beautiful and happy memories of what is meant to be the most memorable day of your life...Call Moho Creative. You’ll be thanking them for years to come!
— heather & jordan

gwen & bryan

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MOHO is AMAZING! When my wife and I were looking for a Videographer, we wanted a very unique, stylish and modern look. To our disappointment, we couldn’t find one. Until, we stumbled upon Moho and just fell in love with their creativity and uniqueness. We just had to meet with them and get to know them.

After several attempts of trying to speak with Mike because of my wife and I schedules, we finally got to talk on the phone and proceeded with the initial “interview”. To our delight, he was super professional and very pleasant to speak with. Not only did we feel so comfortable speaking to him, we also had a great vibe. From then on, it was like a match made in heaven.

Both Mike and Meredith were there every time we had a question about anything and everything that had to do with weddings :D. They were both a phone call, text or email away and always reached out to us, even if it was at 2am. We were so glad to have spoken to Mike and made the decision to hire them as our videographers.

Once our day finally arrived, they were nothing short of AMAZING! They were so courteous to all our guests, our parents and everyone else. We barely noticed them when they were doing their MOHO shots.

When we saw our highlight, I was BLOWN away! My wife and I couldn’t have imaged that the people on that video was us. Couldn’t believe that we actually looked like that. WOW! We were so impressed on how they captured the emotions of our wedding. The editing, angles, lighting of the video was superb. MOHOs service is above and beyond. We truly are blessed to have them not only as our videographers on that day, but now friends.

If you feel like you don’t need a videographer for your wedding, you are mistaken. MOHO will capture the essence of your wedding and transform it to something magical and amazing. I would definitely suggest MOHO to be your videographer, you will not regret it, TRUST US.
— gwen & bryan

rachel & neil

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YOU MUST USE MOHO CREATIVE FOR YOUR WEDDING!!!!!!! Seriously though, from the moment I first spoke to Mike on the phone, I could feel how kind, trustworthy and professional he was. I instantly felt comfortable and knew that he would be amazing to work with. Then, when my husband and I had an idea for a video program, but no idea how to execute it, I called up Mike and Mer and asked them what they thought. Not only were they super pumped but they helped us plan the whole thing! While spending the day with them filming the video program we got to know them and immediately knew we had made the right choice. Our video program turned out amazing and really set the tone for the wedding night. All of our guests are still talking about it! As for the wedding day and films I can not thank them enough for everything. They made us feel so comfortable on the wedding day, we felt like we were hanging with friends instead of our vendors. Also, our highlight film & wedding video turned out better than we could have ever imagined. Meredith’s editing skills are so spot on that you feel like you are watching a movie, not a wedding video. We are so grateful to Mike & Meredith for capturing our special day and helping to make it last forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— rachel & neil

kate & brian

I don’t even know where to begin... amazing, creative, fantastic, unique, smart, breathtaking... Moho Creative will exceed all of your expectations. From their top notch customer service to their super friendly personalities to their INSANELY AMAZING final product, Moho is a pleasure to work with. Moho is one vendor who will make your day easy. They manage to catch every memorable moment and piece everything together into a final video that will make your jaw drop in awe. I think I could watch my highlight video 500 times and still get emotional every time. THANK YOU MOHO!
— kate & brian

stephanie & tony

We started out thinking we wouldn’t want a wedding video or just something really basic. Once we found Mike and Meredith of Moho Creative, we were hooked. These two are so friendly and nice! Not to mention creative and amazing at what they do. Their videos are indeed ‘films’ - very high quality to watch and their attention to detail is very evident. They are not imposing at all on the wedding day - I barely noticed where they were at any one time. We saw our highlight film about a week after our wedding and received our video appx a month later. I had a few specific requests (certain parts of the ceremony I needed included and our entrance into the hall to show our faces) and they made sure to follow what I wanted. They are just so super nice and I still follow them on facebook to see their latest highlight films...simply amazing. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!! Once all is said and done with your wedding, the flowers will wilt and tuxes get are left with your memories. I would definitely invest in these amazing videographers so you have a beautiful memory of your wedding.
— stephanie & tony

jill & sam

From the moment we met Mike and Meredith we knew we were in good hands! Viewing their work you feel like you are watching a finely made commercial made by a large team of skilled professionals. Their work is not the cookie-cutter work that you will find by your average run of the mill wedding videographer – their work is beautiful, elegant, and so incredibly different than anything that you have seen before. We had looked at many many videographers for our wedding and all of them seemed amateurish and outdated compared to what we saw from Mike and Meredith. On the actual wedding day they were so professional. They showed up early so that they could get the lay of the land and so that they can capture shots of the interior and exterior of the venue before all of our guests arrived. They also made sure that they knew exactly where to be at every second to capture the most amazing shots, but at the same time they were so unobtrusive so friendly and so much fun to work with. They have such an easy going down to earth attitude we loved having them around. Immediately after the wedding they posted a few still images of our day and our friends and family can’t stop raving about how amazing the images are. They just finished our wedding highlight video and not only was I smiling ear to ear the entire time I was watching it, but our friends and family are in awe of how they were able to put together such an incredibly well polished video that perfectly captured our day!
— jill & sam

kate & dan

(click the photo to watch their film!)

Mike and Meredith are absolutely amazing to work with. From the first time we met them, we knew we wanted them to shoot our video. They made us feel completely comfortable. Kristin also helped shoot our wedding video, and she did an amazing job. Our highlight film was loved by all, with multiple people telling us that they cried when they watched it. Their videos are something that we will treasure forever.
— kate & dan

emily & john

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I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with Moho. Of all the choices we had to make for our wedding, hiring Moho was by far the best!! One of the things my husband and I worried about when the wedding was over was never being able to relive the magic and emotion of such a special day in our lives...and then our Moho video appeared. It is the most incredible gift to be able to play that video and be instantly transported back and experience just what we felt during every minute of that day. And to be able to share that highlight with our friends and family (even across the world in Israel who couldn’t attend!) made it even better. That’s also not to mention what an incredible team Mike and Meredith are - from the instant we met them we clicked and knew that working with them would be nothing but fun and exciting! They are also such a wonderful couple who exemplify the best that marriage can be - a true partnership! What better role models to have with us throughout our wedding day. I am so happy to recommend this awesome pair to any bride and groom who want someone to craft their wedding video with as much love, care and thought as anyone who has known them their whole lives would! They truly put so much energy and passion into their work and you can tell they give everything they can to do justice to the importance of the weddings they attend. Thank you Moho team for giving me something I will cherish forever!!!
— emily & jon

meg & kev

I would definitely say that the best wedding planning decision we made was having Moho Creative be our videographer. Mike and Mer are not only extremely talented, they also are so easy to work with and genuinely just really cool people;) The kind of people you want around on your wedding day! Not a day goes by that I don’t get compliments on our highlight video and full length wedding film. We cannot stop watching them both and are so grateful that we have such a beautiful, well done, creative video of the best day of our lives that we can relive forever.
— meg & kev

anne & kevin

(click the photo to watch their film!)

My husband and I were married August 2011 and to this day anytime somebody asks us for wedding planning advice we always tell them that the best decision we made was booking Moho Creative. Watching the wedding video that Moho created for us has been our favorite way to relive our wedding day. Additionally, it is our favorite way to share our memories with family and friends. Trust me, it is 1 million times more fun to watch a Moho video than flip through a thousand wedding pictures. Their films are gorgeous, well done and are made with the story of the bride and groom in mind.

I planned my New Jersey wedding from California and Moho made the process incredibly easy for us. They were very helpful in keeping everything organized for me so that on the day of our wedding I had absolutely nothing to worry about.
Moho was so wonderful at capturing the most beautiful/funny moments throughout our day because they moved so seamlessly you never realized the camera was filming you.
We had a highlight film made (approximately 3-4 min long) which was perfect to share with friends.. as well as a full length video (approximately 30 min long). My wedding was 10 months ago and I have watched my films countless times and have never gotten tired of watching them.
My points are these: Mike and Mer are extremely talented, Moho is AMAZING and an absolute wedding day necessity. Best choice I made on 8/20/2011... besides marrying my best friend ;)
— anne & kevin