we are a {husband and wife} team ready to rock your wedding.

After getting married in 2009, we received our own wedding video, watched {some of it} & then stuck it on a shelf somewhere never to see a dvd player again. The following year, we filmed a friend's wedding for fun & found out how exciting it was to share the final product. The film captured all of the wedding's key moments but was still artistic & cinematic ...enough so complete strangers of the couple were excited about watching it.

Then, it hit us. Why couldn't we do this for other couples?

A wedding film shouldn't be something you watch once & throw away - it should be enjoyed over, & over, & over again. Our mission was clear.

For the past 4 years, we have been furiously filming weddings all over the globe ...and having the best time ever. We bring a special skill-set that only working with your spouse can offer. We have complete confidence in the other to capture all the important moments. This means no stress for us & more importantly, no stress for you. Secondly, having both a female & male perspective has proven to be helpful on wedding days - even if it's just for putting on a veil or adjusting a bow-tie :) Lastly, we know each other well. Very well. We can talk during your ceremony with just a 'look' & know how to play off each other's strengths. 

The best bonus of our job is the friends we've made in the process. This is our love, our passion, our baby {well, one of them!}. We can't wait to get to know you and provide you with the most amazing keepsake.